Is it worth operating the electric fence charger from solar battery?

Yes because it simplifies the operation and the returns are relatively fast.

Is it worth over-estimating system performance?

Yes because it ensures safer operation and provides for possible future expenditures without additional financial investment.

What kind of acacia post is suitable for fence building?

The ready-to-install state means that the posts are completely debarked, their narrower end sharpened to a 30 cm 4-sided tip with an acceptable curvature, and burnt for preservation if requested by the vendor.

What size of post is recommended?

The height of the fence above ground is + 1.0 m, the top diameter is 12 - 16 cm.

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It is recommended that the area is to be measured to establish the length of all runs since there may be as much as +/-  20% difference in the required material in the case of a relatively small, 4-hectare area.

a. 4 ha = 800 fm                                              



b. 4 ha= 1000 fm