Fence building

1.6 m in height above ground wire fence with CONTECO - ISOCAP corner and end posts. The ISOCAP 7+1-strand Cont-Eco electric fence is the real energy saving solution! The 9 x 9 x 300 cm or Æ12-15 x 300 cm corner and end posts are driven into the ground by a hydraulic post driver to the appropriate depth (80 -100 cm). The insulators attached to the posts hold the 7 strands of HT (high-tensile) TORNADO Æ2.5 mm steel wire and 1 strand of highly visible electric tape. The 3 x 5 x 160 cm horizontal rails and the 5 x 5 x 210 cm ground-driven posts are supposed to maintain the tensioned line of wire and to follow the uneven surface of the ground. The horizontal rails are equipped with ISOCAP tape insulators and the line posts with ring insulators according to the wire measurements, thereby creating a 100% insulated system. The fence is powered by an electric fence charger (1 - 5 Joule) that is appropriate for the size and energy usage of the fence. The electric fence charger’s energy supply (85 - 300 mA) is ensured by a battery (45 - 85 Ah) that is kept charged by solar panels (10 - 50 W). The electrical system is installed inside an ultra-strong steel cabinet for protection that is secured to a live tree or to a post. The maintenance of the fence is aided by a water-proof high-voltage circuit breaker knife switch. Entry and exit traffic on the protected land is ensured through gates equipped with spring-loaded insulated handles.